Custom manufacturing

Whether you want to conduct a synthesis, a separation/purification or simply dissolve other substances, the use of an adapted solvent is unavoidable.

Because environmental and life protection issues impose quick regulation changes, industrials may have to revisit their uses and often face technical or economic difficulties when it comes to replacing a technical solvent by a solvent at least as efficient but with lower environmentally impact.

Adionics, by its mastery of ionic and molecular interactions, especially in liquid medium, is a partner of choice to identify the solvent that best suits your application and constraints.

Indeed, whether the need is to find a solvent which is non-polar, polar, dipolar, protic, aprotic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, non-flammable, of low viscosity, of low volatility... or being organic, inorganic, mixed, molecular, ionic or other, we have the expertise to assist and advise you.

Our methodology is to understand your problems and needs quickly and identify a product available that will match your constraints.

If ever no known product is able to meet your needs, we can design and develop for you the technical solvent that will best suit your application while being environmental friendly.


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