Chemical analysis

We offer various property analysis, some of them are listed here.

If you want a cost estimate or if you don't find what you need below, please contact us to ask.


> Conductivity
> Saline Concentration and Multi-Salt Analysis
> UV-Vis Spectra
> Melting, Cristallization and Glass Transiton Temperatures
> Melting Enthalpy
> Calorific Capacity
> Ion Complexation in Water
> Purity and Caracterisation of a chemical Substance
> Solubility
> Density and Viscosity


> Metrohm 712 Conductimeter
> Metrohm IC-System
> Spectrophotometer UV-Vis
> Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
> Specific Electrodes
> RMN 300
> Densimeter Anton Paar


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