About Adionics

Who are we?

Adionics is a private French company created in 2012 after five years of research with the ambition of becoming a leading technology provider in the desalination supply chain. Thanks to the patented technology, AquaOmnes®, Adionics can tackle the needs of a wide variety of industries and cities, including those whose demands are currently unmet. Adionics’ team is made of PhDs and engineers from top-tier universities with expertise in chemicals, oil and gas, energy conversion and the water industry.

What do we do?

After five years of research, Adionics created a revolutionary family of solvents that is able to extract salts from sea water or brine. While other desalination solutions extract water from the salt, Adionics does the contrary, which allows the process to be more efficient, sustainable and customizable.  



Adionics has developed three proprietary solutions to meet your needs:

  • Saltex: Saltex, short for salts extraction, is a disruptive water deionisation/desalination technology that provides salt management solutions for industries including production of freshwater and/or ultrabrines.
  • Smartex: Smartex, short for smart extraction, is for water dissolvent organics and salt separation and allows for chemical-free hardness reduction.
  • Selectex: Selectex, short for selective extraction, is designed as an ionic trap to pick out one or two species like Lithium, Strontium, Barium, Calcium etc. from saline effluents in order to generate value.   


What is Adionics’ value added?

Clearly, AquaOmnes’ ability to remove salts selectively and/or massively is a major advance for the industry. This feature can bring benefits to nearly all desalination projects and opens up new applications.  For instance, imagine being able to remove most divalents from effluents such as Oil & Gas produced water.


Is AquaOmnes used somewhere in the world?

Yes! The first pilot is being commissioned in Masdar (United Arab Emirates). See here for more information.


What is the next step?

Adionics is seeking partnerships with industries and contractors to implement its technology in a wide range of applications in order to change the world for the better. Adionics applies the design thinking approach to grow and develop based on market needs. Therefore, if you are interested in our technology, we can offer you first a feasibility study on real samples. You can then choose to do a prototyping before installing a pilot unit and performing a scale up.

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